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The CMIP Panel and WGCM Infrastructure Panel (WIP) continue to discuss and evolve the CMIP delivery timeline in close coordination with the CMIP Task Teams and through regular engagement with the wider community. For the DECK and the subset of CMIP experiments aimed at aligning with the IPCC, the CMIP AR7 Fast Track, there can be no clear timeline definition until the new IPCC leadership has confirmed their planned timeline. This is now expected to be in summer 2024 and the CMIP Panel are actively engaging and discussing with the new IPCC Bureau. Community MIPs do not need to align with that timeline, although they may choose to do so.

We do want to be as prepared as possible for when the IPCC timeline emerges and are therefore in the process of determining community readiness. The timeline below indicates current best guess estimates, which are being reviewed during further consultation with the community.


Running the DECK will remain the “entry card” for CMIP, including the Fast Track. Community feedback on potential changes to the DECK have been received by the Panel. In September 2023, the CMIP Core Panel confirmed the DECK will now include (in addition to amip, abrupt4xCO2, piControl /esm-piControl for ESMs, and 1pctCO2) the following experiments: 

  • historical
  • esm-hist (for ESMs only) 
  • piClim-control 
  • piClim-anthro 
  • piClim-4xCO2 

CMIP fast tracks

The CMIP fast tracks are designed as a compact set of experiments including the DECK and selected experiments from Community MIPs that will support specific needs. The CMIP AR7 Fast Track is intended to specifically deliver to the IPCC 7th assessment cycle. 

  • Is intended to be a streamlined set of experiments and will not include whole MIPs but rather a limited selection of experiments from across a number of MIPs.
  • Will be aimed at delivering to IPCC and are therefore either highly policy relevant or address process understanding important to the IPCC context.
  • Is not intended to include experiments from across all the MIPs.
  • AR7 Fast Track experiments will be required to operate under strict timelines, and with associated demands, to meet what will likely be an ambitious IPCC timeline.
  • Is not a prioritisation of experiments on any basis apart from timeline.

In September 2023 the Strategic Ensemble Design (SED) Task Team provided a first proposed set of Fast Track experiments after discussions with the Task Team members, stakeholders and MIPs. After further engagement with the proposing MIPs and CMIP Panel discussion, the first version (v1) of the CMIP AR7 Fast Track was circulated to modelling centres for review in December 2023. The v1 consultation is now closed. We thank the modelling centres/groups who responded for their considered input and suggestions. The results were analysed and discussed by CMIP Panel, WGCM Infrastructure Panel (WIP), Strategic Ensemble Design Task Team, and with the proposing MIPs. A CMIP AR7 Fast Track v2 proposal has been developed and is now open for community consultation here, with further dedicated follow up with modelling centres/groups.

The Community MIPs

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