CMIP Panel

The CMIP Panel is a Working Group on Climate Modelling (WGCM) subcommittee charged with overseeing the evolving design of the CMIP experiments and with coordinating the various activities contributing to the science of CMIP.  It works with the scientific leaders of specialized model intercomparisons that contribute to CMIP, and it has traditionally been responsible for identifying experts to develop the forcing datasets needed for some of the experiments.   

The CMIP Panel works closely with the WGCM Infrastructure Panel (WIP), which coordinates infrastructure support for CMIP across a broad contributor community during the project delivery phase, and is responsible for many of the technical specifications for model output.

A joint decision log for the CMIP Panel and WIP is publicly available by following this link. The decision log lists proposals which have been brought to the Panel and/or the WIP, the meeting in which the proposal was discussed, and whether the proposal was accepted or rejected. This log has been made publicly available to increase the transparency of the CMIP decision process and keep the community up-to-date on the planning of future CMIP phases.

CMIP panel members

(as of March 2023)

John Dunne
Helene Hewitt
UK Met Office UK 2022-
Core Panel
Julie Arblaster
Monash University Australia 2020-
Core Panel
Olivier Boucher
IPSL France 2023-
Core Panel
Tomoki Miyakawa
University of Tokyo Japan 2023-
Core Panel | Data Access Co-Lead
Robert Pincus
LDEO/ Columbia University USA 2020-
WIP Co-Chair | Climate Forcings Co-Lead
Paul Durack
WIP Co-Chair
Matthew Mizielinski
Met Office UK 2020-
WGCM Co-Chair
Gregory Flato
CCCma Canada 2016-
WGCM Co-Chair
Tatiana Ilyina
MPI-M Germany 2021-
Climate Forcings Co-Lead
Vaishali Naik
NOAA USA 2022-
Data Access Co-Lead
Atef Ben Nassar
IPSL France 2023-
Data Citation Co-Lead
Sasha Ames
LLNL USA 2022-
Data Citation Co-Lead
Martina Stockhause
DKRZ Germany 2022-
Data Request Co-Lead
James Anstey
Environment Canada Canada 2024-
Data Request Co-Lead
Martin Juckes
STFC UK 2022-
Data Request Co-Lead
Chloe Mackallah
CSIRO Australia 2022-
Model Benchmarking Co-Lead
Birgit Hassler
DLR Germany 2022-
Model Benchmarking Co-Lead
Forrest Hoffman
ORNL USA 2022-
Model Documentation Co-Lead
David Hassell
NCAS UK 2022-
Model Documentation Co-Lead
Guillaume Levavasseur
IPSL France 2022-
Strategic Ensemble Design Co-Lead
Ben Sanderson
CICERO Norway 2022-
Strategic Ensemble Design Co-Lead
Isla Simpson
NCAR USA 2022-
Fresh Eyes on CMIP Co-chair
Julia Mindlin
University of Buenos Aires Argentina 2023-
Fresh Eyes on CMIP Co-chair
Douglas Rao
North Carolina State University USA 2023-
Ex-Officio (ESMO)
Cath Senior
Met Office UK 2014-
Ex-Officio (VIACS AB)
Alex Ruane
Ex-Officio (VIACS AB)
Claas Teichmann
GERICS Germany 2023-
Ex-Officio (ScenarioMIP)
Detlef van Vuuren
Utrecht University Netherlands 2023-
Karl Taylor

Former members

George Boer
CCCma Canada 1995-2001
Sandrine Bony
IPSL France 2010-2016
Curt Covey
PCMDI/LLNL USA 1995-2012
Veronika Eyring
DLR Germany 2013- 2022, Chair 2014-2020
Jean-François Lamarque
NCAR USA 2018-, Chair 2020-2022
Mojib Latif
MPI-M Germany 1995-2012
Bryant McAvaney
BoM Australia 2001-2008
Gerald Meehl
NCAR USA 1995-2020, Chair 1995-2006
John Mitchell
Met Office UK 2002-2012
Bjorn Stevens
MPI-M Germany CMIP6; 2013-2018
Ronald Stouffer
GFDL USA 1995-2020, Chair 2007-2013
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