Mar 21, 2023

Launch of MIP registration

As the planning for CMIP progresses into its next phase, as does the way we are keeping track of work across the community. In order to reduce duplication of effort across MIPs and modelling centres and to foster collaboration, we are launching a MIP registration form.

We encourage all ongoing and new MIPs (CMIP6-endorsed MIPs and others) to register here. This will act as a source of information for CMIP governance to consider when discussing the design of CMIP7, as well as information for the climate science community on the activities going on globally. MIP activities will be made public on our website in due course to facilitate collaboration opportunities. Please note that MIP registration does not provide endorsement.

There is no deadline for registration but early engagement will ensure your MIP information is available and you will be kept informed of the latest MIP-relevant developments in planning this phase of CMIP.

In the registration form below, we ask that you provide information on your MIP, including an abstract and its current stage of development, and at least one lead scientific and technical contact. We hope to make MIP contact details available on the website to ease collaboration, but please note that you can opt out of this information being publicly available.

The form is embedded on our website below. For ease, you can also view the form in a separate window by following this link.

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