Model benchmarking and evaluation tools

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The CMIP7 Model Benchmarking Task Team have compiled more detailed information about a number of model evaluation and benchmarking tools.

For each tool, click on the card to view:

  1. tool category;
  2. tool subcategory;
  3. tool description;
  4. tool website link;
  5. link to tool description video;
  6. model class;
  7. available metrics in the tool;
  8. domain;
  9. accepted data formats;
  10. accepted data frequencies;
  11. source code availability and link to source code;
  12. documentation availability and link to tool documentation;
  13. links to tool tutorials which may be useful;
  14. examples of where the tool has been used;
  15. reference (e.g. observational) dataset availability;
  16. neccessary hardware;
  17. internet connectivity requirements; and
  18. types of available community support.

If you are having trouble viewing the tools gallery above, you can open it in a new tab by following this link.


Below is a YouTube playlist of videos describing climate model benchmarking and evaluation tools. To see other videos in the playlist, click the icon at the top of the video.

Submit a tool

To submit a model benchmarking or evaluation tool, please submit the form below. Alternatively, you can open the form in a new tab by following this link.

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