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Priority variables for evaluation and exploitation of WCRP climate simulations: Workshop Report

The Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP) has grown considerably and now serves a wide range of communities, all with their own specialised requirements for data. The CMIP Data Request function, led by Martin Juckes of UKRI-STFC, is establishing a process to address the challenges presented by having too many variables listed as top priority while meeting the needs of both data providers and users. It is envisaged that a core set of variables can form a baseline for exchange of climate model data, in any intercomparison project, in accordance with FAIR data and Open Science principles. Establishing this baseline will address the community intention discussed at WGCM 2019 in Barcelona of giving more authority and meaning to variable prioritisation. The intention is to publish these as a Geoscientific Model Development (GMD) paper.

In spring 2022, members of the CMIP community were engaged in a survey and two workshops on the proposed methodological approach and a paper publication process to devise an agreed list of core variables. The two workshops, held in May 2022, were based upon the 32 responses to the survey issued by the CMIP IPO in April 2022 to Modelling Centre and Data Request Leads, and the MIP Chairs. The original consultation call can be found here.

The report is the outcome of two workshops, convened by the IPO in May 2022, to discuss top priority variables in the context of the international exchange of climate simulations for evaluation and exploitation.

Find the Priority Variables Consultation: Workshop Report here.

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