Feb 20, 2023

CMIP Forcings Survey

The CMIP Forcings Task Team, led by Paul Durack (LLNL) and Vaishali Naik (GFDL), would like to invite you to complete the Future CMIP Forcings Community Survey to inform the CMIP forcing development timeline and anticipated updates from providers as well as identify needs for modelling centres/MIPs to run the simulations.

This survey is targeted at those who were involved in either dataset preparation (forcing dataset providers) or their use (modelling groups and MIPs) in CMIP6, or plan to be as we look towards CMIP7. There is also an opportunity for CMIP data users to feedback on problems/issues with the forcing datasets and suggestions for the future development.

The deadline for survey completion is 09:00 UTC on 6th March 2023. If you have any questions please contact 

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