Aug 17, 2023

ScenarioMIP call for members of Scientific Steering Committee and Advisory Group

Update: This application call has now closed

The Scenario Model Intercomparison Project (ScenarioMIP) is seeking new participants to join either its Scientific Steering Committee or a newly formed Advisory Group.

ScenarioMIP is the primary component of CMIP7 within which plausible scenarios of future emissions and land use are run in Earth System Models to project future climate outcomes. In CMIP6, it produced an experimental design for two tiers of scenarios as well as long-term extensions that served as the basis for ESM simulations, subsequent analysis, and IPCC assessment. ScenarioMIP recently held a workshop to begin considerations of its experimental design and process for CMIP7 (see the workshop report). One agreed outcome was the expansion of its Scientific Steering Committee in order to fill current gaps in representation and the formation of an Advisory Group.

Scientific Steering Committee

The Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) currently consists of 14 members and is responsible for setting the overall direction for ScenarioMIP, soliciting and considering feedback from stakeholders (including the AG), overseeing the work of task forces, deciding on elements of the experimental design, and writing the ScenarioMIP proposal for CMIP7. We seek in particular new members from the Global South to increase the geographic diversity of the committee, as well as members filling gaps in expertise areas (including impacts and climate modelling). SSC members meet approximately monthly, help facilitate outreach to other communities, and contribute to drafting and reviewing various documents.

Advisory Group

The Advisory Group (AG) will provide feedback and advice to the SSC on decisions and documents from a range of perspectives, including from climate modelling, scenario users, and stakeholders. AG members will be called on periodically to provide feedback on issues raised by the SSC, the activities of Task Forces set up to address specific topics, and plans for and drafts of the ScenarioMIP proposal.

How to apply

To apply for either the SSC or the AG, fill in the form below, where you will be asked to submit information on your background and interests, and a CV. Decisions will be made by the current SSC based on the areas of expertise and diversity along various dimensions. 

The deadline for application is 15th September 2023.

Application form

If you are having trouble viewing the form below, you can open it in a new tab by following this link.

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