Jul 27, 2023

ScenarioMIP Workshop report – now published!

On June 20-22, 2023, the first meeting of the ScenarioMIP project under the new phase of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project, CMIP7, was held in Reading, UK. Participants were primarily members of scenario-related MIPs, including the ScenarioMIP Scientific Steering Committee, as well as relevant scientific experts identified by the MIPs, representatives of ESM modelling centres, and leadership of CMIP. 

The agenda of the meeting was organized around three themes:

  1. taking stock of ScenarioMIP past phase (under CMIP6) and of current activities and plans in other scenario-related MIPs,
  2. discussing different ideas and criteria about the choice of the new ScenarioMIP design,
  3. agreeing on a way forward.

After the conclusion of the meeting, the ScenarioMIP co-chairs Brian O’Neill, Claudia Tebaldi, and Detlef van Vuuren, and the Scientific Steering Committee have written a workshop report. This report summarises the key outcomes of the discussions during the event and outlines some of the next steps in developing the ScenarioMIP protocol and its implementation.

The ScenarioMIP co-chairs are happy to receive comments and suggestions for the ongoing process. Please submit feedback on the form: bit.ly/ScenarioMIP-report-feedback-2023.

Looking forwards, work will continue in order to

  1. develop the ScenarioMIP protocol; and
  2. implement the ScenarioMIP protocol.

Read the report for more details on how ScenarioMIP will approach each of these goals.

Group picture of ScenarioMIP workshop in-person attendees
ScenarioMIP workshop in-person attendees
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