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Towards a new set of scenarios for CMIP7: An update from ScenarioMIP’s Reading meeting

6 September, 2023 @ 12:00 13:00 UTC

As part of CMIP, ScenarioMIP defines and analyses a set of plausible, long-term scenarios for climate models that aim to support climate research, policy and services. In the past, these scenarios have played a critically important role in assessments and the scientific literature.

In June, the first meeting of the ScenarioMIP project under CMIP7 was held in Reading, UK. This meeting formed the first step in a design process to select a new, limited set of model runs. After the conclusion of the meeting, the ScenarioMIP co-chairs Brian O’Neill, Claudia Tebaldi, and Detlef van Vuuren, and the Scientific Steering Committee published a workshop report. This report summarises the key outcomes of the discussions during the event and outlines some of the next steps in developing the ScenarioMIP protocol and its implementation. You can read the report here.

In this webinar, the ScenarioMIP chairs will outline the process for selecting scenarios and present the first drafted elements of the proposal coming out of the Reading meeting.

Webinar Q&A

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Webinar video

Video of ScenarioMIP webinar. Open video in a new tab by following this link.


This webinar was held on 6th September 2023. Registration has now closed.

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