Fresh Eyes on CMIP

Who are we?

Fresh Eyes on CMIP is a new working group integrating the voices of early career researchers, scientists and practitioners in CMIP. Researchers, scientists and practitioners early in their career provide a unique insight into climate science. Coming into the system more recently enables ECRs to have a fresh perspective on CMIP. ECRs regularly undertake the often time consuming task of generating, downloading, processing, and analysing data from CMIP and as such, have a unique, working insight into the successes and flaws of CMIP phases. Fresh eyes on CMIP would be a new working group comprised of scientists, researchers, and practitioners in the early stages of their careers to sit alongside the CMIP7 task teams. Fresh Eyes on CMIP will also work to significantly increase collaborations with scientists working in the global south.

Members of the group will each act as liaisons to the CMIP7 Task Teams, the WGCM Infrastructure Panel, and the CMIP Panel.

What is an Early Career Researcher?

Early career researchers (ECRs) are scientists, researchers, and practitioners in the early stages of their career. Typical definitions of ECRs suggest this period is within seven years of obtaining their highest degree (excluding career breaks). For this group, we will not impose this strict time definition but include it for reference. Application is open to all scientists, researchers and practitioners in the early stages of their career.  Practitioners are those working at the interface of society, policy, practice, and research.

Objectives and Goals

  • Directly integrate the voice of ECRs into CMIP.
  • Provide invaluable insight into the generation and access of CMIP data.
  • Creating opportunities and encouraging participation for ECRs in the CMIP community
  • Engage ECRs in the broader scientific and research community intersecting academia, NGOs, private sector, and Governmental institutions.
  • Present proposals to the CMIP Panel and CMIP7 Task Teams
  • Opportunity for task team liaisons to attend task team meetings.
  • Opportunity for co-leads to attend (wider) panel meetings
  • Work with IPO on making CMIP sustainable and identify avenues for reducing the carbon footprint of CMIP.
  • Work with IPO on designing dedicated CMIP ECR activities and increasing ECR involvement in wider activities.

Call for membership

We will hold three calls for membership across 2023 and early 2024. The first call has now closed. Please check back here for information on future application calls.

Future call dates

  • November 2023
  • February/March 2024
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