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OSC23: Strengthening the observational-modelling interface to meet emerging scientific needs critical to our understanding of climate change

25 October, 2023 @ 12:50 13:50 Kigali, Rwanda

This World café session is focused on developing community ideas to strengthen the observational-modelling interface towards meeting near term and emerging scientific needs. This fast-paced interactive session on Day 3 of the WCRP Open Science Conference 2023 will continue to investigate current and emerging key challenges and further develop a provisional roadmap of practical actions which was curated at GCOS 2022 conference. This roadmap will support evolving GCOS, GEO, WCRP CMIP and ESMO and ESA work programmes.

This event will be hybrid.

Event location

Event will be held in room AD10.


Please register for this event here.

To attend this event, you must be registered for the WCRP Open Science Conference. See details here.

Roadmap and new idea submissions

Outputs from discussions at GCOS 2022 have been summarised online. Discussions from this session will add to this roadmap, which will cover short (1-3years), medium (5 years) and long (10 years and towards 2050) terms goals, including:

  • The priority actions required at each timescale to address the challenge topic.
  • Key scientific, technological and capability frontiers to be advanced or evolved.
  • Collaborations and partnerships required, existing and, or, to be developed.
  • Game-changers -what could be done with no limits to resources.

Please read through the roadmap before the session. The majority of attendees at the first event at GCOS 2022 were based in the observational world, so we are particularly interested in receiving new idea submissions from modellers. If you have an idea that is not currently represented in the Community Roadmap, please submit your before the session using this form: bit.ly/om-roadmap-idea.

Ideas for action are welcomed that identify:

  • Existing challenge areas/emerging challenges.
  • Key scientific/technological/capability frontiers.
  • Collaborations required/existing/to be developed.
  • Game-changers -ground-breaking/if no limits to resources

Ideas submitted at OSC:

Table topics and table chairs

ThemesTable chairs
Data assimilationFanny Adloff
Data transfer & use of observations – model validation & evaluationBirgit Hassler and Forrest Hoffman
Data transfer & use of observations –downstream climate servicesBode Gbobaniyi
Informing process understanding – cycles & land surface processesIsla Simpson
Informing process understanding – tipping points/thresholds/signalsEleanor O’Rourke
UncertaintiesAlison Cobb
Extremes & story linesNaomi Goldenson
Modelling requirements for observationsAmy Doherty and Briony Turner
Online topic to be determined by attendeesClaire MacIntosh

Event summary report

Fresh Eyes on CMIP Model Evaluation subgroup co-lead Alicia Hou attended this event and wrote a summary report. Read the report here.


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Kigali Convention Centre

Kimihurura Roundabout
Kigali, Rwanda
+250 252 252 252
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