Oct 25, 2023

CMIP7 Data Request: Call for Impacts and Adaptation theme paper co-authors

Deadline: 30 November 2024, 12:00 UTC (call now closed)

The CMIP Data Request Task Team are seeking to work with community representative leads in the impacts and adaptation theme, and engage with the wider impacts, adaptation and climate services communities. This work is one of a set of theme papers which will develop a collection of harmonised variables on which to build the CMIP7 data request. Authors and reviewers are now being sought for the Impacts and adaptation theme paper.

The aim is to facilitate the creation of a controlled list of high priority variables that serve the majority of user needs in the impacts and adaptation theme. We are seeking to ensure that those performing downscaling (dynamical & statistical), conducting impact and adaptation modelling & assessments, and developing climate services have the appropriate data available in the CMIP7 archive. It is particularly important that authors consider the balance between demand for data volumes and appropriate use of modelling and infrastructure resources to supply data, while enabling impacts and adaptation-focused data users. Representatives of data production, data dissemination, and data analyst communities are also sought to provide perspective on effective workflows for potential user requirements for calculation of complex indices and compound variables (e.g., a heat-humidity or fire index).

In addition to our interest in the types of variables required, we would like to hear from the communities about the variables’ vertical level (e.g., 2-dimensional at surface or 2m height; full 3D coverage throughout atmosphere or sub-surface; vertical integrals) and their temporal coverage and frequency (e.g., monthly mean, daily accumulation, or hourly rate), and their output frequency (e.g., annual, monthly, daily, hourly).

The initial focus will be on requirements linked to the IPCC 7th Assessment Cycle. In order to achieve effective engagement with the highly diverse collection of communities targeted by this activity, we are particularly interested in authors who have experience working across multiple communities (in a science, technical or facilitation role).

Organisations involved

The Impacts and Adaptation theme paper is a collaboration between the following organisations:

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